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 Projects for Men and Nature.

Natural cycles keep us alive!


Reports on water conservation projects

Water is life. We report on clean drinking water across the world's oceans and, in connection with this topic, also on biodiversity and reforestation projects.

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Reports on animal welfare and species protection

Looking for good initiatives and projects that protect and improve life on our planet - for all living beings.

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Articles about people and nutrition

World hunger is a scandal. Here you can find out about projects that will ensure our nutrition for the future and about health promotion for people on earth.

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What we do:

We can no longer wait and just talk about it, we have to do much more so that the coming generation will find a life worth living and a good home.

Environment Health and Life is the label for a single thought: balancing our actions with the healthy cycles of nature. We plan with foresight, for the longer term whenever possible and in the knowledge that everything is connected. We try to exclude and end everything that causes harm and suffering, be it through "economic" interests or through sheer stupidity, which is still active at the moment. To change our lives so far that it becomes worth living and the planet is preserved.

We currently have two fields of activity that all have to do with our environment and our inner world:

1.) To enable every human being to lead a dignified existence and to support one another. This includes promoting the projects that can end world hunger, step by step. To really rethink world health globally and to act where there is a need.

2.) Protect water. optimize and expand corresponding processes

3.) To understand animals as living beings that are important for our survival and to ensure animal welfare wherever possible and wherever we repair damage.

4.) Protect and expand forest areas


5.) The energy supply of the future will move into a healthy cycle: Renewable and environmentally friendly technologies are crucial.

We - Value2Green - are active as a communication and networking channel. We therefore attach great importance to journalistic reporting to make the projects known. Questions? Information?. Give us a call;


More Projects:


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