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Dealing the Carbon (CO2)


You are protecting tropical forest, so we are motivated.

Every foundation that protects primary forest makes an enormously important contribution to the preservation of our planet. We can amplify your efforts with financial contributions. In addition, we also support various reforestation projects.

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Environmental initiatives are getting stronger worldwide

Value2Green leaves traces; our v-quality label signals carbon projects that we have been able to accompany and to help for to a success .

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Your company knows the value of the care for environment

You focus your production by handling value to natural ressources, you care for  the environment. When it comes to your important CO2 reduction solution, you can expect support from Value2Green.

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What we do:

We trade with CO2 certificates for our customers, but the goal is not primarily profit maximization but the balance between acting for the environment and making money, which primarily benefits nature conservation projects.

We currently have two fields of activity;

1.) CO2 certificates bring money for institutions that protect and expand primary forest.

2.) CO2 certificates are an additional source of income for exemplary farms in agriculture.

We - Value2Green - offer full service - from A to Z and accompany the entire process of your emissions trading, because this is the only way we can share responsibility for buyers and sellers with a real claim to ethical trading partners. We plan and carry out the process for you, far from indifference or even "greenwashing". We can control that because we evaluate and select the buyer side.

Get in touch with us and put us to the test. Find out what distinguishes us from many other possible partners for you. A first introductory talk with us is always non-binding. Call tus right now!


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